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Ange Riehl


As a high school art teacher, I have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of "Aha" moments  experienced by my students .  Not long into the school year, they discover that they are capable of tapping into their creative side and really CAN make art ....THIS is the reason I have been teaching art for 26 years.


I started right out of college with a BA teaching in a small town public high school in Southwestern Louisiana, St. Martinville Senior High.  I had 180+ students my first year as the only art teacher.  I taught there for five years.  I stopped teaching for three years to be a mom then took a position teaching art at a Catholic High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, St. Thomas More,  where I was until 2018.  Kimberly Thibodeaux, the art teacher I've worked with for the past 20 years, and I are now teaching at Southside High School in Youngsville, LA and we are building an amazing art program with countless student successes there.   She and I will hopefully continue to bring students to new heights. 

My goal as an educator is to always seek to make a difference.


As an artist my goal is to constantly reach for more..stretch and explore and fail often because its in these trials that I discover what I am truly capable of.

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